Marina Ignarski Designs prints her scarves in Britain by the Silk Bureau Limited and Forest Digital.  These products are printed on silk from India, Turkey and China which is much more environmentally friendly than synthetic fibres which are known to increase their persistent presence in nature. If you would like to find out more on this process you can read the article on Silk Bureau Limited. Cotton is sourced from Britain and made into bespoke cushions which are designed for living room spaces or the boudoir.

All the prints you see are digitally printed  and hemmed in Britain. The dyes are then set by immersing the fabric in water and steaming it . The finishing touches are added such as hemming and sewing exquisite labels into each piece.

Tiny Box Company 

Packaging will include a presentation box by Tiny Box Company and care instructions for looking after your new product.

New packaging is currently being planned using a more eco-friendly approach which uses recycled paper and biodegradable materials. Marina Ignarski Designs wants to minimise the use of packaging which still looks organic and stylish.

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